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For us the dogs are both our pleasure and our concern but not business. We feel that it is much more important to find the best masters for our puppies than to earn money on them. That´s why we get our females covered mainly when we want to add a new member to our own pack.

We would like to breed the Central Asian Ovcharka in a quite working type. We expect them to be not only good-looking, but also nimble, relentless, very watchful, suspicious of strangers; to act with striking force during intervention but to be  non-aggressive on public places or towards welcome visitors. We prefer all-in-all harmony and mobility to the prevailing influence of the lymphatic system and clumsiness.

Our dogs are fed with the Superpremium Nutra Nuggets dog food improved with herbs, garlic extract and arthrous nourishing agents. Further we add yoghurt or goat milk raised from our own goats. They sometimes get raw or boiled beef, vegetables and fruit. They live in the house together with us, however, they are free to run in our big garden whenever they feel like to. When we have time we like to take them for a walk to a near-by forest. As they live in a close contact with the family their coexistence with our children is absolutely smooth and peaceful. In our opinion the dogs seem to be more patient with our children than us, the children´s parents.

And, last but not least, we would like to thank to the new owners of our first puppies from Deisy for their admirable relationship towards the little doggies and for their loving acceptance of the newly acquired additions within their families. We hope to find same splendid masters for our future breeds.


In 1999 we acquired our first new dog with the pedigree, CAO (a Central Asian ovcharka) called King ze Salfonu. We were looking forward to taking him to exhibitions, however, we soon had to give up this idea. The dog arrived in quite bad condition which influenced his exterior negatively. But thanks to him we have learned to love this special breed because of his good character. It´s fascinating how a dog so watchful and unwilling to trust strangers can be so caressing and tender at home. After quite a long selectin we decided to take a female Deisy Barsuk from the kennel Barsuk. We waited for her for more than a year. To make our waiting more agreable we ordered a male dog called Ekimen at the same time also from kennel Barsuk.

In 2001 we took our two new additions - still in the clas of puppies - to an exhibiton. Here we met a nice couple - Eliška a Karel Ospalý - owners of Dina Barsuk, sister of our Deisy. We have become good friend because we share similar views on dog-breeding and on dog acceptance within the family. Our son Kryštof - the future young breeder - was born soon after.

At the beginnig of 2002 The Ospalys enlarged their pack - consisting up til then  of Dina and onf an 8-year-old Altaj Nalchik - with a splendid Fosca Barsuk, half-sister to our Ekimen.

In 2004 The Ospalys imported a dog from a well-known kennel at Samar - Ak-Nuker. His name was Artur Ak-Nuker. Then our second son Tadeáš - another little breeder - was born. We also enjoyed the first puppies from Deisy. Even two of Deisy´s daughters - Assyryn and Akylly - remained at home with us. In fact Akylly was returned to us from her nex owners, she showed to be deaf. For us it was not the reason for her repudiation. We hope that in our home Akylly shall lead happy dog´s life. The year ended optimistically, however. In the Ospaly´s family also o new young breeder - a son called Kaja - was borne.

In 2005 our Assyryn started her very successful show career. The Ospalys moved to a new home  at length, within a stone´s throuw from us. Unfortunately no puppies were born in our kennels (Dina was covered by Bachar iz Aleksandrovoi Slobody, a dog imported from Russia, but she aborted after a rough fight with Fosca). Dina and Fosca couldn´t be both together  not any longer after this fight.